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Part 4 : Reach for the Sun Tour

Part four started on Friday May 23rd in the Netherlands. We were joined by Tom. One ofour most favourite men to walk this planet. We played a show that I loved last year – the venue is a beautiful old church with great acoustics. We had a gorgeous bed and breakfast and a wonderful show. Because of the space we wereable to try out some new ideas with the audience. We began the second set up inthe upstairs bit of the church (not sure what that bit is called. Where the organ is??) We did a huge percussive jam and danced the audience and then hit the stage. It got pretty rocky and at the end of the song I did one of my big jumps and somehow my right heel came kicking up and I kicked my guitar, and it smashed. Like, totally unusable. So upset. It’s my favourite guitar – my baby. So it is time to get a new guitar once again! Loved working with Roots on the Road again – such fab people.

After the next Dutch show I became really really sick with tonsillitis. Went to the doctor with my glands looking like golf balls covered in pus. Went to the doctor and was put on penicillin for ten days. We were so lucky to be able to stay with Vera and Colin and lay in bed all day and eat soup and drink a ridiculous amount of lemon and honey.  I was so sick that I had to move a show. Haven’t cancelled a show for so many years now. Felt terrible to do this. Pretty much I was flat out for about 5 days. Then I had no choice but to do 10 shows in 9 days. And it has been SO full on. Trying to recover and heal whileperforming every night and going to bed every night is kinda crazy. But we got there. The bad part is Amy then became really sick. A bad flu/cough for apregnant woman on tour is not fun at all. I was feeling so sorry for her. A few gigs I made her stay at the hotel all by herself while we went off to perform. Suddenly our brilliant idea of getting pregnant and going on tour seemed really quite stupid.

We had some great shows in Holland. On the Friday night wedid a new show – a totally new experience for me. We played at a New York stylebar – with a house band. I was asked to sing 3 songs – my own song Wont Be A Fool, and also two covers “Rather Go Blind” and Folsom Prison. The house band learns then super quick. We started setting up and other guest singers started coming in – and they were all proper ‘soul ‘ singers. And lets just say Ibecame very very nervous. They were incredible. So, I grew some balls and got up and did my thing and really enjoyed the experience, so di the audience. Wegot to meet some awesome people – we all sat around a dinner table eating and chatting – about 20 of us – mostly strangers. You really have to deal with somany new experiences and well, it keeps life very interesting.

A few more shows around Holland. Some great shows. Places we have played before and brand new venues. Old record shops in Amsterdam, places up north that fed us an incredible amount of Dutch style fish, acoustic shows in tiny cafes filledwith happy, enthusiastic people, and of course more interesting people.

We started playing with our new Dutch guitarist Daan whowent well with his first show shows. And of course Joey (Dutch) on drums aswell for a few shows.

It was Amy’s birthday on the 5th of June and thepoor thing was really very sick.  While she slept at midnight I got the crowd to sing to her “Don’t Go” and we recorded it for her – they were such an awesome, silly, gorgeous crowd who were very happy to be a part ofit all.  It made her feel better for a few minutes at least!

That night we played at a beautiful theatre and I got to share the stage with this amazing singer Ezekiel. He was one of those ‘soul’singers I had met in Amsterdam and he joined my on stage for a duo for my newsong “Tell My Lover” (that I wrote with Morgan Bain from Perth) and wow, this guy just blew me and the audience away with his voice. It was so hard to concentrate on my parts and I ended up stuffing up a couple of chords because Iwas too busy watching him perform next to me! It really was a special experience for both of us I think.

Next stop: Belgium for a few shows.  My low point of the tour was performing in a massive store that we thought was a record shop, but in fact itwas an electronics store that sold tvs, cds, stereros etc. We had to set up inthe middle of the shop, in front of a big screen tv with videos of me playing on the screen. It was as awkward as you could get.

The Friday show was fun – our third time in this venue and it is slowly building which is always so good to see. The next day we did the usual – headed to the square, checked out the market and ate yummy food. Thistime we ate some incredible mushroom paella type of thing. Trying out the local food is one of our favourite things to do – if only we could take all the smells in a jar and bring it home with us!

We had the Sunday off in a beautiful part of Belgium called Tavigny. So Joel, Tom, Amy and I went on a little adventure in the van. We found a beautiful city called La Roche – we ate lunch in a gorgeous, typical square, had a few beers, explored the town and then decided to go kayaking down the river for 10 kms. It was such a magic day – the sun was out and we had so much fun chilling on this river, sometimes racing, sometimes swimming and getting stuck on the rocks way too many times. We even managed to find beer. It was aperfect type of day off. We don’t get this often on tour, so when it happens itreally is amazing. So good to chill out and laugh and not have to be anywhere at any particular time. And good to see donkeys. I like donkeys.

The next few nights we had off to recover and get healthy again at my family’s house in Biddinghuizen.  Iam so lucky to be able to call their home my home away from home. To come home to family who are happy to see you and who ask questions about the shows and listen with enthusiasm to all my tour stories is wonderful. It really feels so comfortable to be with this part of my family and to honesty feel right at home.


I booked us an apartment right in the middle of Berlin –with two entire days and nights off! The boys generally have to play ‘rocks,paper, scissors’ to work out who gets the best deal with rooms and beds. We don’t always get a bed or a room each!

I had told Amy to not bring over many warm things as we had experienced beautiful weather in the first two weeks. Well, Berlin was 12 degrees, and it felt freezing and the layer upon layer look wasn’t working so well. We checked out shops and cafes and the Berlin wall and a few historical  areas. Totally love Berlin and loved being there again.

We got back to business on Wednesday with a great show in Cologne. We had a big bunch of women there from the L-Beach fest and we found that every night we had audience members from L-beach come to our German shows,so that is always a good sign!

We had several German shows that week – each and every one of them being new and each one being fun and with really awesome audience members. We also played at one of my favourite bars “Franks Bodega”. I was stoked to be able to bring Amy and Gav and Joel along for this special show. I had told them about Frank and his wine bar and the three very awesome and interesting shows we had already played there. Frank is kinda crazy. With a huge grin on his face, long wavy black hair, and he is passionate about his bar, wine food and live music. He also seems passionate about talking to us in German and then walking off. We often have no idea what is going on while weare there, but it all comes together. Before the show we got to try out this new electric bike that drives up to 45kms an hour, it was so incredible. We then went on to get ready in his ‘house’. You have never seen a weirder,crazier, more chaotic house in your life. While standing in the shower where all others in the house can watch you (windows…lotsa windows) it was where I realise “Shit, I really have to let all guards down while touring don’t I?” If the boys see me nude, they see me nude. If a stranger feels like sticking their face in too, well there is not much I can do about it all.  We get ready in parking lots, restaurant toilets, in dark rooms with only our phone as a light on my hand held mirror… you just have to go with it. Not always that easy to do!

The gig was awesome. Really fun crowd. Great food – Frank is known for the amazing food he whips up on his camper like cooker behind the bar. Talking about bars we got up on the bar and did an acoustic song and the entire crowd lit sparklers up – it really was a magic experience. We stayed at a wonderful local’s house that night in a beautiful little town and an incredible house – but we had to be up at 7am to leave, so not time to check anything out!

Next stop was Termine – the border of Switzerland and Italy.Last year in September I did a trio show with Daryl and Jean-Guy close to Termine. It was a shocker of a day. 9 hours drive to play to 14 people. When we were shown our ‘accom’ it wasn’t quite what we had expected. Until a couple who had watched the show offered for us to follow them to their house. We chose to take the risk and I am so glad we did. Jonathon and Manuela live in a 400 year old nunnery. They have turned part of it into a bed and breakfast and it looks over Italy and sits next to a beautiful vineyard. It was a beautiful experience with them, and they invited us to do a private house concert for them this time.

We arrived and started setting up on our stage in the garden. As we were doing this, 12 caterers and chefs rocked up too to take over the kitchen and set up the bar for mojitos and amazing wine. It was a really special night and we got to socialize with some awesome people. We also got to eat AMAZING food.

The next day we hung out in the sun and headed into Italy for lunch. Sitting by the lake we realised just how lucky we are to be doing what we love and to be seeing the world and meeting some beautiful people along the way. That night we had off, so we stayed again with our new friends. Jonathon cooked the best lasagne I have ever eaten and we sat around the dinner table(which was 130 years old) with Jonathon’s children, Laura who is 17 and Nicko who is 16 and had such an experience. Nicko and Laura speak Italian to each other, but Swiss-German with their folks. And they all spoke English to us. Manuela, who is a lawyer and can fly planes, is also a wonderful pianist. Her and Gavin took turns playing to us and it was just beautiful. Did I mention the plane she drives is one that Jonathon made himself? It was a magic night. Music and wine and great company and mouth watering food. Such a good night off on tour!

The next day we ‘popped’ into Interlaken. The drive over the alps is still one of my all time favourites and I was glad to not be driving this time so I could take it all in. We had a quick one hour catch up with Sandy (mum’s cousin) then we went on to Bern. (meanwhile the boys went up the cable car to Harder Kulm for a beer). We played a private 30th birthday party that night. A cute little garden and a lovely night.

We had our last show with Gavin on the Wednesday night which was really sad for us. Gavin plays such an important role on tour – well, many roles. He keeps us sane, he keeps things calm, and he makes us laugh more than anyone you will meet. He also sings in German on stage – this hilarious little song about him not being actually able to speak German. The Germans loved it and I loved that he had the balls to do it on stage every night when I kindly requested him too.

Everyone was feeling a bit sad as this part of the tour was ending. We only had a couple more shows with Josse too. Josse is Mr Handyman. He fixes everything. Everything must also be packed perfectly and he is happy to take control of these things which makes our life a lot easier. He is a great drummer too. Josse also gives wonderful hugs and gives out a lot of love. Joel was joining us for the next part. Joel is Joel. Chilled at times, stupidly loud at times, and well, there aren’t really any words for Joel. He is a one –off and I love him.

Our last show was in a small German bar which was PACKED and it was one of our favourite shows. So happy Gav could have this as his last show! We had a beautiful drive back to Holland where we said goodbye to the guys and Amy and I were back at my home-away from home in Biddinghuizen. Holland.


We started the tour on Saturday 26th April. The boys being Gavin, Joel and Josse came and picked me up from mums cousins place in Biddinghuizen, Holland. I had two nights there after arriving to try and get over the jet lag. I had transferred a bunch of money to Josses account the week before so he could buy me a van. It’s not really a van, but more like a bus. It’s huge. You can stand in the back – and you could have an entire tribe of people,standing or dancing or camping in the back with you.  Great for packing. Not so great for driving fast on German freeways. One good thing is we won’t get any speeding fines. Or make it up any mountains.

The first gig was awesome. These are all new venues for us –so you never quite know what you will get. It was like a big barn style pub.Great stage and sound, and an awesome audience. And they danced. Right from the beginning. Our Euro crowds don’t generally dance much, they are more of a listening crowd. So this was awesome for us. The crowd seemed to love it and so did we. Great way to start the tour.

Sunday our gig was cancelled (a whole 48 hours before) so we drove to our next show and stayed there the night. Our host was such a beautiful, kind woman– Kirsten. We arrived around 10pm so we just hit the sack as the next day was rehearsal day for us. A really gorgeous littler town – Bad Brambach. The boy’s hit the spas and saunas, and I went for  a little walk around the village in the sunshine. We were then taken to dinner in the next village with Kirsten and two others. Its funny, we generally don’t get to order what we like for dinner here, they just give it to you. Generally we get fairly lucky. We have salad and curry. There was suddenly no electricity and a big storm – which was kinda nice, siting over a candlelit dinner, looking over Czech Republic while in Germany! The gig was gorgeous.  A tiny café, but completely filled and whiskey. Apparently the host and promoters saw a picture of me on my facebook site holding a bottle of Jameson, so of course they went out and bought me one!! I couldn’t bring myself to tell them that I don’t really like whiskey! Everyone was so kind and lovely to us – they go out of their way to make you feel so special – it’s an amazing thing to be a part of – and the boys feel it just as much as I do. You make these instant friends who are so warm and hospitable. Quite amazing really.

The next day we had a night off, so I treated the boys to a night in Salzburg, Austria! (as you do!)We arrived after a long drive to a fairly shitty looking hotel, with nothing much around it. I was so upset as I thought I had booked the hotel right in the city. But just a 15 minute walk away was the bustling city of Salzburg and it was stunning – castles and the river and little streets and laneways. So beautiful. We found a young couple and asked them where we should go for a drink – they suggested a brewery and showed us on the map. After the biggest mission ever we finally got there- this old convent, monk brewery – big wooden tables. You get this stein mugs and pay 6 euros for a litre. We had a few each and then things got silly. More missions in the city and a shit load of laughter and another pub. Gavin and I managed to make the wise decision of going home around 1am and the boys followed at 5.30am! They ended up hanging out with the lead singer from Monsters and Men!

We got to spend a few hours wandering the streets and checking out the markets and the castle. Drinking a coffee overlooking the mountains and city was a pretty awesome way to spend the afternoon. Its moments like that where I feel incredibly lucky in my job and in my life. And I am so lucky to experience it with guys that I honestly love and adore. They can really give me the shits along the way (as I am sure I do to them too), but they are all really fantastic guys.

Our gig that night was in a place called Raubling inGermany. A beautiful big earthy type of restaurant – really lovely. A great meal, good sound and a crowd of about 60. 60 doesn’t sound like a lot – and it isn’t, but they are all new to the music, have all paid good money for their ticket, and were the BEST audience ever. From the second we started it was amazing. The energy and love they gave us was out of this world. We ended up on tables and chairs dancing and playing through the crowds, they were up and dancing and clapping and trying to sing along. Its an indescribable feeling. Your heart wants to burst a bit!! And the boys were loving it too. Such a special night. Then we got to stay in  a stunning hotel with a beautiful breaky the next morning!

Thursday nights show was in a quirky little place – very arty, but fairly “Irish’ looking bar. The owner let us in and didn’t speak to us. When he did it was in very mumbled German, so it was all a little confusing and I had a terrible feeling the night would be shit. But then, the place completely filled up – it was tiny, and we had about 80 payers in there. Once again it was an awesome night. Germans are now our new favourite crowd! They are just so appreciative and so present and so fun! The owner turned out such a sweet man. He is passionate about music, very very shy, and owns a toy shop upstairs. He makes one or two sales a month which helps to keep his pub going.

Our show last night – well…. It was all a shambles to start with. We arrived an hour late as there was terrible German traffic as usual.Tiniest little café, no stage. We had to set up everything in a space of about1.5 metres by 1 metre! Then we went next door for some food. We decided to walk to the hotel. I have a huge suitcase, a small suitcase, a little backpack and a laptop to carry- so off we went. Cobblestone streets, hills,  bridges…. And Josse told us it was only 300metres away. After about 1.2 kilometres we realised we were very lost, very late and very unfit. So, we walked back to the venue…we were meant to start at8pm. We got back to the van at 7.50pm where we all jumped in the back and got changed and I threw some make-up on we somehow made it on time!

The café had 21 people in it and it was filled. And they were the quietest crowd ever that it made me nervous. The owner was a little upset that we hadn’t got to the hotel as we needed to pick up the keys. So we did the first set as a trio and sent Josse on another mission to find the hotel and grab the keys. He came back looking very sweaty and puffed. Why he walked I have no clue…. But his mission was complete. It was a funny show. It went really well, but just such a shy audience. At the end of the show they all came up and were very sweet and bought cds and said they loved it.

We will go for a look around this morning then we have 2more shows – tonight and tomorrow. Then we have 5 entire nights off which we have never had before. Our tour manager Amy arrives in Hamburg on Wednesday – we can’t wait to see her!

So 5 shows down and about 50 to go. One week down and 15 togo!

Sending love from Germany! x



You should never sit in front of anyone on a plane who has the hiccups. If only I had known this I would have not got on the plane at all. Because in this case it didn’t matter if you were right in front (like me) or 50 seats back. Firstly I thought a young girl was watching a horror movie and semi screaming/holding in her scream every few minutes. I thought, the scene couldn’t go on that long, and fell into a drugged out sleep after taking half a sleeping tablet. I was awoken to that strange noise again. Kind of like a wildboar screaming in a very girly way – just short loud high pitched, loud screams. I started counting one Mississippi….two Mississippi…three Mississippi– it was happening every 20 seconds, and it was a grown man behind me. It did not occur to him to even ask for a drink of water. The old man next to me could see that it was keeping me awake and turned to the man and suggested he put his arms in the air while he drinks water. So Mr Hiccups put his hands up in the air… for quite some time, but still didn’t manage to ask for a drink. This plane ride was nearly fourteen hours long. He had the hiccups about 8 of those hours. It was painful. That is all I have to say about that plane trip. Other than…. Why do they always give you so much melon in the fruit salads on planes? This, I also find weird.

Landing in Seattle gave me a sense of excitement. Up until that point I had been just nervous. Flying to a new city, not knowing anyone,going to a prestigious recording studio, preparing myself to trust someone with my art. But landing gave me a sense of what was to come. And it felt good.

Hartley, the producer’s personal assistant picked me up –holding a funny little TOBY sign. We drove an hour out to Bear Creek chatting the entire way. We made one stop to the super market. I love food shopping in other countries. I act as if I am rich and that the money is just like monopoly money and I buy all sorts of yummy foods I would not normally buy. Thinking these foods will somehow help me along with the recording means I can justify spending way too much I one shop.

The studio is amazing. Just stunning. Fairy lights and so much wood! A wooden, country cabin type of feel. So many different little rooms– the wood room, the hippy room… all so beautiful. And here I am. All by myself. in the middle of who knows where… right in the woods.  Should I be feeling at least a little scared and nervous that no one else is anywhere close by? I’m just hoping my sexy thermals start doing their job and warming me up. It is one degree outside. And I am feeling rather chilly.

Tomorrow I get to chill and then meet the musicians who will be on my new album. I hear they are lovely. Lovely and talented, which is agreat mix if you ask me.

Well, it’s goodnight from me….here all alone… in the scary woods….. some where in Seattle! Night night.

Women’s Red Rock Festival 2013

I was thrilled to be asked to headline this years Womens Red Rock Festival in Torrey, Utah, USA. I absolutely loved the two previous years playing at this festival – in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by incredible people and incredible landscape. The last two years I had driven to Utah, with Amy by my side. This year it was to be a fly in, fly out job.

I had five nights off in Melbourne with family and friends, and then set off to USA on the Thursday morning. Travel time was just under 30 hours all up. Flew Melbourne, Sydney, San Fran, LA then finally arrived in Salt Lake City around 7pm. I was greeted by the wonderful Georgette and Paula, and my friend Kazz who had flown in from Canada for the weekend. So the four of us set off to Torrey -  a four hour drive. To be back in this country was awesome. To be with these ladies was also awesome.

Arriving in Torrey was that old feeling of coming home. Got to have a sambuka with the amazing festival organiser Jeri, and then I hit the sack.

But hitting the sack kinda meant nothing. Jet lag had kicked in. This was to be the first of four completely sleepless nights.

Friday was spent working out merch, trying to walk but getting stuck in the rain, writing set lists and drinking a lot of coffee. I had a solo set at 5pm, and walking on to that stage was such an incredible feeling. Talk about feeling welcome! Talk about open arms! My warm and fuzzies had begun once again. It was a short and sweet set, but with so much amazing energy thrown at me by the crowd. Last song I looked over side stage and Eric and Ivan (my drummer and bass player from Winnipeg, Canada) had just arrived, so I pulled them on stage for a song. So lovely to see them after along year of no catch-ups.

The headline act that night was an American band Antigone Rising. I was pretty keen to hear their set. They really did rock their set, and the crowd loved it- so did I. It seemed the second I met these girls and miss Michelle Malone, something happened. Firstly we got drunk. I never really do this on tour. But I thought screw it, I am in the middle of nowhere and we headed to a very very large, county pub with a stuffed bull at the front and way too many buffalo heads sticking out of the wall. Somehow we created a new band called Prison Love and I think each and every one of us actually began to think we were in this amazing imaginary band. People at the bar were even buying drinks and sending them over to that band called Prison Love. Can’t really complain about that.

Theres something about this festival which makes you feel like you are part of one big loving family. With all the audience members, volunteers, festival organisers and other artists. I had such a fun night. Way too many shots, and way too little sleep – but a huge amount of laughs and a bunch of new mates. New mates that I was meant to meet.

The next day I felt a little hazy, but I was so happy to sit and watch some fabulous artists play – like Ellis – yep she’s good.A fabulous singer/songwriter. It was a relaxing day. Just hanging and listening and chatting and having more laughs with the Antigone Rising girls. I also got to spend some great time with the lovely Vicki from The Waits. Always good to see her.

That night the show was amazing. We were headlining and we where so ready to play a great show for this crowd. Eric and Ivan did an awesome job, and we loved having special guests up on stage – Mona Stevens on harmonica, Michelle Malone on harmonica and vocals, Cathy Henderson on slide guitar and the Antigone girls – Kristen, Nini and Dena. Prison Love suddenly, magically formed right there on stage… and yes, all we did was repeat the words Prison Love to a Johnny Cash tune, but whoa…the potential!! (ha!)

So, my favourite part of the entire weekend … I was about to start playing my chirpy lil song “Don’t Go’. The wonderful festival organiser Jeri suddenly stood on stage holding a sign. I had no idea what for – I couldn’t read it as it was facing the crowd. It took me an entire verse to realise that the entire crowd was doing a flash mob dance. I really could not believe it! I nearly had to stop playing due to wanting to have the happiest cry ever on stage – but I managed to play on and this awesome crowd just kept on dancing and singing. It was the best surprise and the best feeling to be watching it all right there in front of me. What a treat! Thanks so much everyone – really you made my weekend even more spectacular.

So, all in all, I left feeling the most tired I had felt for a very long time, but also completely filled with a bunch of happy happy new memories. I feel so lucky to have stumbled across this festival a few years ago – one of the best finds ever. These are the experiences that make me realise that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing in life.