It has been a massive six years since Toby Beard launched her last full length studio album. With just short of 450 shows, Toby also managed 15 tours of Europe, 5 mini-tours of Utah (USA), 3 tours of Canada plus shows in Darwin, Broome, Tasmania, Sydney, Byron, Brisbane etc. In these six years she performed at worldwide festivals including Blacksheep Fest (Germany), Bardentreffen Fest (Germany), L-Fest (UK), Women’s Red Rock Fest (Utah, USA). Blues at Bridgetown Fest (WA), Forth Valley Blues Fest (Tasmania), L-Beach Fest (Germany), Salmon Fest (BC, Canada), Skagen Fest (Denmark), Freo Folk fest (WA), Utah Pride Fest (Utah, USA), Sunshine Fest (BC, Canada) and Strib Fest (Denmark). In this time, Toby also released two EPS (Fall Into Me, About Time) and one live full length album (Live at Strib Winter Festival). She opened for the likes of The Waifs, Black Sorrow, Wallis Bird and Mick Thomas.

The last six years have also been a huge journey on a personal level for Toby. Toby and her wife welcomed two beautiful babies and finally got legally married!
2020 was by far the most horrific year of Toby’s life, as her sister Pippa passed away in February. She very quickly learned what grief was all about and at the same time, due to Covid, she lost over 60 shows and 4 international tours.

2021 is a new year and who knows where it will take us all. But one thing is for sure, Toby’s new album ‘What Happens To The Heart’ will help you get through it. The ten track album covers themes of death, grief and loss. Toby’s songwriting has become more vulnerable than it ever has before. ‘Pray For Me’ is about the Australian plebiscite which personally affected Toby and her (then, illegal) wife Amy. ‘On The Road’ would resonate with musicians worldwide who had tours ripped away from them due to Covid restrictions and travel bans. Toby sings openly about how much she misses touring with her Dutch band and the highs and lows of being on the road in such close proximity to her band mates. ‘Caroline’ and ‘Coming Home’ are bound to make you move and smile, whereas tracks like ‘Quicksand’ And ‘Let Me Cry’ will have you weeping in the first verse.

‘What Happens To The Heart’ was recorded and engineered at Rada Studios in Perth with Matt Gio. Both Matt and Toby agree that this is, by far, their best work together.

Western Australia’s Toby is so much more than your average singer-songwriter. She powers through each live performance with her own lyrical talent and fierce, dynamic vocals, with audiences revelling in the genuinity and honesty of both her songwriting and her performance. Her compelling vocals and the way in which she captures her audience can’t be explained but just needs to be heard and seen. Her live performance truly is a treat.

A prolific and powerful artist, music has always been Toby’s driving force. Toby grew up in Western Australia and bases much of her work here, with strong ties in Canada, the USA and Europe. Over the past decade Toby has captured the hearts of audiences across the globe. In the meantime, she has 6 albums, 2 live DVDs and several EPs under her belt. Between her touring and recording, it is a rare occasion that she will spend any given time in one place, setting her up for some great song writing inspiration. Toby finds her anchor in her family, her life on the road and the people she meets and this shows in her song writing. She was born to perform.

Over the years Toby has opened for some iconic artists including Sheryl Crow, John Butler Trio, The Waifs, John Mellencamp, Jimmy Barnes and The Indigo Girls just to name a few. She has performed at festivals worldwide including Summeriest (Milwaukee USA), WA Blues and Roots Fest (Aus), Skagen Fest (Denmark), Bardentreffen Fest (Germany), Big Time Out Fest (Canada) Utah Pride Fest (Utah USA) and L-Fest (UK).

Toby’s eclectic touring life sees her continue to spread her infectious musical vein across the globe, playing everything from sold out headline shows to impressive festival slots and supports, from barnyard gigs to canal boats and intimate bodegas for a lucky few. Her reputation as a must-see, emotionally charged live performance, intertwined with songs guaranteed to get you moving, precedes her wherever she plays.


  • Summerfest – Milwaukee , USA
  • West Coast Blues and Roots Fest, Australia
  • Day On The Green, Australia
  • Skagen Festival, Denmark
  • Strib Vinter Festival, Denmark
  • Utah Pride Festival-Utah, USA
  • Blacksheep Festival, Germany
  • Bardentreffen Festival, Germany
  • Pride Fest – Milwaukee, USA
  • Women’s Red Rock Fest – Utah, USA
  • L-Beach Fest – Weissenhäuser Strand DE
  • Big Time Fest – Vancouver Island , Canada
  • Kaslo Jazz Fest – BC, Canada
  • Sunshine Music Fest – BC, Canada
  • Sasquash Music Festival – AB, Canada
  • Tribal Funk Fest – Salmon Arms, Canada
  • Evolve Fest – Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Blue Skies Fest – Ontario, Canada
  • Cowischan Festival – BC, Canada
  • Duncan Folk Fest – BC, Canada
  • The Secret Garden Festival – Ferrara, Italy
  • Klosterpark Open Air Fest- Harsefeld, Germany
  • Folk am Turm Fest- Bad Wünnenberg, Germany
  • L-Fest – UK
  • Girls Got The Blues Festival – UK
  • Bridgetown Blues Festival – WA, Australia
  • Fairbridge Folk Festival – WA, Australia
  • Nannup Music Festival – WA, Australia
  • Vintage Blues Festival – WA, Australia

    • Sheryl Crow (USA)
    • John Cougar Mellencamp (USA)
    • Gomez ( UK )
    • Brandy (USA)
    • The Indigo Girls ( USA )
    • John Butler Trio (AUS)
    • Paul Kelly (AUS)
    • The Waifs (AUS)
    • Pete Murray (AUS)
    • Donavon Frankenreiter ( USA )
    • Luka Bloom ( IRELAND )
    • Renee Geyer (AUS)
    • Ian Moss (AUS)
    • Jimmy Barnes (AUS)
    • Darryl Braithwaite (AUS)
    • James Reyne (AUS)
    • Katie Noonan (AUS)
    • Wendy Matthews (CAN)
    • Eugene Hideaway Bridges ( USA )
    • Glen Tillbrook ( UK )
    • Diesel (AUS)
    • Brian Cadd (AUS)
    • Russel Morris (AUS)
    • Betty (USA)
    • Mia Dyson (AUS)
    • Wallis Bird (IRE)


    • About Time (6 tracks) -2018Fall Into Me (6 tracks)- 2017Nobody Told Me – 2015
    • Coming Home – 2012
    • Good Old Days (DVD) – 2011
    • Sleeptalk – 2010
    • C’est Lamour (EP) – 2009
    • Live at The Fly (DVD) – 2008
    • Love Underground – 2008
    • Red Rooster (EP) – 2007
    • Tu Es Belle (EP) – 2007
    • Renaissance – 2006
    • On Second Thoughts (EP) – 2005
    • GiddyUp (EP) – 2004
    • Indi, Live On The West Coast – 2004