Monthly Archives: December 2015


Today I sat with my 2015 diary. What a year!! We have officially done 100 shows, driven close to 30,000 kms, flown over 118,000kms, spent nearly 300 hours in the van, stayed in 70+ different beds, and played to over 20,000 people. Thats about 2000 songs I have sung live this year. We have also played in 6 different countries and also 5 different Aussie states. It’s been huge! I have played with 12 different band members during all of this. We have had SO many people look after us, welcome us into their homes, made us incredible food, shown us around their beautiful cities, clapped and cheered and purchased our cds, we have had countless arguments in the car that always end in hugs and “I love yous!”, plus thousands of laughs! We have had one tyre burst on a Germany autobahn, several trips on ferries, a couple of interesting border patrol incidents, we have roller coasted down mountain sides in the USA, played an intimate house concert for a beautiful dying man, eaten WAY to much bread and cheese, drank over a thousand cups of coffee just to myself, crashed a couple touring cars, played a couple of lovely weddings, froze ourselves on tiny boats in Switzerland, danced on random roadsides, eaten amazing food, eaten some not-so-amazing food, stayed in incredible houses and hotels, stayed in some HORRIBLE rooms as well, played a show in a small kitchen, played our biggest Euro gig to date in Germany, opened for some wonderful musos, had food poisoning in Germany when I had to go on an IV drip just before the show… the list goes on. I launched my brand new album to an awesome sold out crowd at Freo Arts Centre. My son Angus and my wife Amy joined us in Germany, Holland, Canada, Darwin, Gove, NSW, QLD and Broome. Angus has seen more in his first year of life than a lot of us do in many years. My band have been beautiful and kind and so patient with him over the weeks on end of touring. This year experienced the most amazing times as a first time mother. I have never been more exhausted and tired in my life. My wife has continually supported my career and has allowed me to keep following my dreams. My family have continued to be so incredible with their love and support and friendship. And our fans have been amazing and always make me feel so alive and so blessed. Thank you to EVERYONE who has had anything to do with us in 2015. You are why I keep doing this and why I keep trying to climb this massive mountain!! Bring on 2016!
If you have been to a show (or not) tell us your favourite memory of one of our shows, or travel moments or songs etc from 2015. We would love to hear from you! Thanks again everyone!