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You should never sit in front of anyone on a plane who has the hiccups. If only I had known this I would have not got on the plane at all. Because in this case it didn’t matter if you were right in front (like me) or 50 seats back. Firstly I thought a young girl was watching a horror movie and semi screaming/holding in her scream every few minutes. I thought, the scene couldn’t go on that long, and fell into a drugged out sleep after taking half a sleeping tablet. I was awoken to that strange noise again. Kind of like a wildboar screaming in a very girly way – just short loud high pitched, loud screams. I started counting one Mississippi….two Mississippi…three Mississippi– it was happening every 20 seconds, and it was a grown man behind me. It did not occur to him to even ask for a drink of water. The old man next to me could see that it was keeping me awake and turned to the man and suggested he put his arms in the air while he drinks water. So Mr Hiccups put his hands up in the air… for quite some time, but still didn’t manage to ask for a drink. This plane ride was nearly fourteen hours long. He had the hiccups about 8 of those hours. It was painful. That is all I have to say about that plane trip. Other than…. Why do they always give you so much melon in the fruit salads on planes? This, I also find weird.

Landing in Seattle gave me a sense of excitement. Up until that point I had been just nervous. Flying to a new city, not knowing anyone,going to a prestigious recording studio, preparing myself to trust someone with my art. But landing gave me a sense of what was to come. And it felt good.

Hartley, the producer’s personal assistant picked me up –holding a funny little TOBY sign. We drove an hour out to Bear Creek chatting the entire way. We made one stop to the super market. I love food shopping in other countries. I act as if I am rich and that the money is just like monopoly money and I buy all sorts of yummy foods I would not normally buy. Thinking these foods will somehow help me along with the recording means I can justify spending way too much I one shop.

The studio is amazing. Just stunning. Fairy lights and so much wood! A wooden, country cabin type of feel. So many different little rooms– the wood room, the hippy room… all so beautiful. And here I am. All by myself. in the middle of who knows where… right in the woods.  Should I be feeling at least a little scared and nervous that no one else is anywhere close by? I’m just hoping my sexy thermals start doing their job and warming me up. It is one degree outside. And I am feeling rather chilly.

Tomorrow I get to chill and then meet the musicians who will be on my new album. I hear they are lovely. Lovely and talented, which is agreat mix if you ask me.

Well, it’s goodnight from me….here all alone… in the scary woods….. some where in Seattle! Night night.


I am finally here at Bear Creek Studio, Seattle and it is STUNNING. It’s also freezing. We start recording and tracking tomorrow. So excited!